A Note From Jason

Jason Fry, New York Times Bestselling AuthorThe Jupiter Pirates books have been enormous fun for me to imagine and write, and I’m so glad to have them out in the world so I can share them with readers. Though I’m not a space pirate and you probably aren’t either, we all thrill to tales of pirate derring-do. I hope Huff Hashoone, Thoadbone Mox and other space ruffians prove worthy heirs to the tradition of Robert Louis Stevenson and Howard Pyle, Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp – not to mention real-life pirates such as Blackbeard and Henry Morgan.

I also think we’ve all felt like Tycho Hashoone – awestruck by legendary grandparents, nervous about making our parents proud of us, and worried that our talents might not measure up to those of our brothers and sisters. But as Tycho learns in The Jupiter Pirates, he has talents of his own and is capable of more than he realizes.

Thanks very much for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy coming along with me on the adventures of Tycho and the other Hashoones.



About Jason Fry

Jason Fry spent nearly 20 years as a journalist before striking out on his own as a full-time writer. Besides The Jupiter Pirates, he is the author or co-author of some two dozen books and short stories set in the Star Wars galaxy. A lifelong Mets fan, he is the co-writer of the blog Faith and Fear in Flushing with Greg Prince. He lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., with his wife and son and way too many Star Wars toys and baseball cards.

You can learn more about Jason on his Tumblr. If you’d like to arrange an appearance at a school, library, bookstore or convention, details are available here.