School Visits

school-visits-1One of my favorite things about being a writer is getting to talk with kids about what I do. I enjoy talking with readers of any age about the Jupiter Pirates and also about how a lifelong love of reading led to my career as a writer. I’ve visited schools from Connecticut to Philadelphia and from Virginia to Baton Rouge, with more to come. I’ve also spoken and signed books at bookstores, libraries and conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con and Book Expo America. You can check out some of my adventures here.

I’m comfortable with classes K-12 and can talk about books and storytelling, share tips for a happier writing process, or address most any subject you can think of. Since time spent visiting is time not writing, I do need to charge for author visits — my baseline is $500 a day depending on location, situation, and so forth. But if that gives you pause, let me know what you have in mind and we’ll see if we can figure something out. (I also do Skype visits.) I love watching kids get excited about reading, storytelling, and writing, so if I can help make that happen, give me a shout!

If you’d be interested in having me visit, please contact me at Thanks!