Crew Exclusives

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On to the good stuff:

A short story set between Hunt for the Hydra and Curse of the Iris. The Hashoone kids will have more trouble with crimps in The Rise of Earth. Enjoy!

Tycho turned in this paper about the history of the solar system on April 3, 2893. Well, technically it was the early hours of April 4, 2893. Read his message exchange with Vesuvia and then his paper — with Vesuvia’s comments and corrections on the right. (She’s a tough grader.)

Vesuvia compiled this dossier about the bridge crew of the Shadow Comet before the events of The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra, so she might have changed her mind about some of these ratings afterwards. (Or maybe not — as Huff will tell you, she’s one stubborn artificial intelligence.)